League and tournament easy management

You spend too much time over papers rather than playing matches? You don't know the scores of other teams? GML simplifies all managerial tasks. League e-manager will help You to automate all time-consuming assignments so that You can start to have fun again.

Scores and ranking

You can enter match scores via smartfon at once. All rankings are created automatically - adapted to the sport type.

Administration and management

Under Federation You can manage leagues, tournaments, seasons, teams, players and inform them about changes.

Game schedule

You create a schedule including specific parameters. Info about match postponing is sent to team memebers immediately.

Real-time mode results

Results can be entered by players or judges already during the match. Data can be introduced by multiple persons at the same time.

Individual data authorization

The result entered by You can be verified by Your competitor, no need for an extra authorizing person.

Contact with players

You send a message to any chosen group of users from league/team. You publish news on Your league or tournament site.

Manage you sport.

Contact us

Contact us

If You'd like to introduce GoMyLeague technology into Your league, please fill in the form below. We will contact You to estabilish the details and select best solution.